Decisions to Make Before Buying a Snorkeling Mask

If you are planning to buy a mask anytime soon, you need to make some decision. First, you need t have a clear picture of what you need in a mask. Secondly, you need to be well versed with the different components of the mask. With all these clear, you can be sure of making an objective decision. That said, this article shares important considerations or decisions worth making when buying a snorkeling mask.

Evaluate the fit

snorkel mask

The type of fit offered by a snorkeling mask has a direct impact on your experience on the waters. This implies that the first and most important decision to make when shopping for a snorkeling mask is to evaluate the fit. If you face is considerably large face, you need the best snorkel mask for large face since poor fit might subject you to problems like leaking, fogging, and fatigue. A leaking skirt or seal would mean continually treading the water to empty it. It is thus essential to make a wise decision at this stage.

Look at the material

If you are planning to buy snorkeling mask, make sure it is made from the right materials. You are likely to have masks made from rubber and silicone. Be sure to choose a mask made from silicone considering that rubber skirts are not durable since they become brittle over time. On the other hand, silicone skirts last considerably long thus giving you value for money.

Evaluate the peripheral visibility

snorkel fanIf you have been snorkeling for some time, you know the value of having a peripheral view. Thus, it is imperative to buy a mask that offers you the much-needed peripheral visibility. You might have noticed that some masks give you some form of tunneled clarity whereas other make you feel less engulfed. If you need to enjoy snorkeling or take the experience to another level, a mask that offers a peripheral view is necessary.

Pick a mask that offers the right volume

Each time you get below the surface, going deeper subjects you to high water pressures. Down there, water pressures drive out air from the mask meaning that you have to exhale through the nose and pump in some air to balance these pressures. When the volume of the mask is low, you expect to pump in low amounts into the mask. As a tip, low volume masks tend to be better for underwater application considering that you do not have to exhale much to fill the mask.…

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