You have probably heard about CBD oil and its great benefits. Even with its growing popularity, many people do not know how to buy it. The guide below will help you find out everything you need to know about CBD. This includes ways of buying it. That said, we suggest that you finish this article if you want to learn how to buy CBD.


To begin with, the legal status of CBD remains a bit controversial. Therefore, it is not available for purchase in some popular retail stores. However, there are three options from which you can buy CBD: dispensaries, online companies, and cannabis shops.


Online companies

This is the most accessible and easiest way of purchasing CBD. Most of the companies operate online with a few having physical stores. To buy CBD from these online companies, you need to go to their website, choose the product, pay for it together with shipping cost, and wait for it to be delivered at your preferred address.


Many online companies are selling CBD. How do you buy CBD from the right company? First, look for brands that have a list of 3rdparty laboratory tests affirming that the product contains the indicated amount of CBD. Second, look at the reviews by customers. The best way to know the effectiveness of a product is from people who have actually used it. The reviews will tell you about the company’s reputation too. Lastly, look at the cost. Expensive does not always mean high quality. Look at the cost of the brand you choose then compare with others.

Cannabis shops

These are shops selling various cannabis products such as CBD. You can buy CBD from such a shop if you live in a state where the use of recreational marijuana is legal.


If you live in a state where CBD and medical marijuana are allowed, you can buy CBD products from government dispensaries on condition that you have a marijuana card or a medical prescription. It is also possible to find recreational dispensaries in states where medical marijuana is legal.

CBD dosing

How much do you need to buy? This totally depends on the amount you need per serving. The common dose is 25 mg in oil, once or twice a day. Start with low doses then increase until you get the one with the desired results.


Now that we know where to buy the CBD from and the dosage, the next question is which product you should buy? Different CBD products differ in effectiveness as per the ailment.

CBD capsule

CBD capsules take 2-3 hours before producing effects. Thus, it is ideal when you have a pre-planned treatment so that you take it at regular intervals.

CBD topical

This is most effective in treating pain, inflammation, and skin-related ailments through directly applying it to the affected area.

CBD spray

It is the most popular CBD product because it works within a second of inhalation. It also has the maximum effect on the body, since oral CBD spray is absorbed up to 90% directly into the bloodstream.