Cats and other pets are dewormed to control parasite infestation. Most of these animals spend their time outdoors. Sometimes cats are exposed to worms since they eat live prey. Most of the household pets have external parasites like fleas that can transmit diseases to humans and other pets. Cats have internal parasites like hookworms, tapeworms, and roundworms. Pest infestation should be controlled as can lead to serious health issues like an unhealthy coat and skin, anemia and gastrointestinal disturbances.

Common Symptoms Associated with Specific Types of Worms

  • Tapeworms– Vomiting rough/patchy coat and weight loss.
  • Hookworms-Lethargy, anemia, loss of appetite, weight loss, constipation, diarrhoea, and paleness.
  • Roundworms– Diarrhoea, sick appearance, vomiting

sleepy cat

These worms can be eradicated by choosing the right dewormer. Most of the conventional products contain active ingredients and are highly effective in controlling these parasites. You should find the best solution which fits your pet and its infestation. Outlined here below are the best dewormers that you can choose for your pet:

Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer

The Bayer Company is known for its trusted brands. Their products are well-designed to deal with different types of worms. This drug can perform consistently and solve the infestation problem within a day. This drug is worth its price, and it can save you the time and cost of going to the vet.

Excel Roundworm Liquid Cat De-Wormer

This is another useful drug that is widely used in fighting intern parasites that attack pets. It has been proven to be 100% effective. It is a liquid medication that can be administered easily in cats. It is one of the tasty drugs. Pet owners are advised to re-administer the drug after two weeks to get the bests results. It is one of the effective OTC drugs for dealing with roundworms.

ProSense Liquid Dewormer Solutions


ProSense liquid dewormer is an amazing product that is effective in fighting internal parasites. Veterinary doctors highly recommend it due to its effectiveness. Its ingredients are similar to those of prescription medicine. It is readily available in the local stores. You can either mix it into the pest’s foods or inject the cat with a syringe. Animals enjoy taking this drug. The dosage should be read carefully before using it.

HomePet Worm Clear

People have been using this product to treat whipworms, tapeworms, hookworms, and roundworms. It is entirely non-toxic and homeopathic. Again, it can be used safely on lactating and pregnant cats. It is designed to make the pet’s body uninhabitable for pests.