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Simple Tips to Form an LLC for Your Business in Delaware

If you are running a company and need to enhance your business growth and make it more secured, forming an LLC is the best remedy for you. However, you should be aware that some states are more friendly for running a business due to the less strict regulations. You can learn about it more here. One of the best states for running a business and forming an LLC is in Delaware. Delaware is famous for its great small business environment, which has prompted many people to start businesses there. Before you can get permission to start a business in this section, you need to do several things.

Simple Tips to Form an LLC for Your Business in Delaware

Set Up a Name for Your LLC

Delaware requires that you choose a suitable name for your business. You should make sure it’s not similar to the names of other companies registered by the Delaware Secretary of State. It’s also essential to add “LLC,” after your business name for legal identification. Once you have worked out your possible name, you need to look it up. You will need to enter the suggested names and conduct a search. It would be best if you made sure that the title you choose is different from any name already registered.

File an LLC Formation Certificate

Simple Tips to Form an LLC for Your Business in DelawareOnce you have decided on a unique name, you must now file the certificate of incorporation. You will need to fill out the form with your company’s information. You can also add custom formation principles for your particular LLC. If you get stuck, you can always consult a business attorney who will give you suggestions on the best way to structure your LLC. The attorney will also help you add other things into the LLC formation document.

If you have any questions, it is highly recommended that you contact the Department of Corporations at 302-739-3073. You should note that it costs $90 to file the certification. You can also obtain a certified copy for an additional $50. If you think you need to re-evaluate your LLC registration, you can do so by calling the Department of Corporations. After filling out the form, you will need to create a cover letter and then submit the form to the Delaware Division of Corporations. You will need to wait a few days, and once your form has been successfully processed, you will find a copy of your filing form.

Get Professional Help from Registered Agent

A registered agent is a business service who can help you set up your company to form an LLC legally. This agent can be a corporation, an individual, or perhaps a foreign corporation, as long as they can do business in Delaware and have a Delaware address. An LLC cannot legally act as your agent. If your business consists of yourself, you only need to acquire an EIN if you choose to be taxed as a partnership rather than a sole proprietorship. The EIN can be obtained for free by filling out the program on the IRS website.

Renew Your LLC Once a Year

Simple Tips to Form an LLC for Your Business in DelawareIf your business has been in operation for more than one year, you must re-incorporate the LLC once per calendar year. You should do this with the entire Delaware Secretary of State either via email or online. In addition to these things, you need …

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